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The Dark Side Of Mercy Ministries

Below you will find a link to an article by Lisa Kerr of mycultlife.com.

This article details exactly what the problem with Mercy Ministries is and we are very much in agreement with Lisa.

The Dark Side Of Mercy Ministries


Mercy Ministries New Zealand Respond To My Questions

Recently I posted about how Mercy Ministries New Zealand had changed their name to A Girl Called Hope. This news appears to me to be an attempt by Mercy Ministries to distance itself from the worldwide scandal simply by changing it’s name.

This prompted me to contact A Girl Called Hope with a list of questions about their programme. I asked A Girl Called Hope the following questions:

  • Why has the name been changed?
  • Is the programme still Choices That Bring Change and is it exactly as it was in Australia?
  • Have any changes been made to the programme in the wake of the Australian scandal?
  • Do you perform exorcisms like they did in Australia?
  • What is Mercy Ministries involvement in A Girl Called Hope and does Nancy Alcorn hold ultimate responsibility as head of Mercy Ministries International?
  • Why is there no mention of the Australian chapter of Mercy Ministries in the history of A Girl Called Hope? Why does your website imply that there was never a Mercy Ministries Australia?


A Girl Called Hope: A Leopard Can’t Change It’s Spots

Mercy Ministries has changed it’s name in New Zealand to A Girl Called Hope but it’s still the same old Mercy.

I can’t see any reason they would do this other than to try and hide from the negative publicity now associated with the name Mercy Ministries in Australia.

As the official A Girl Called Hope website states this ministry still has “strong ties” to Mercy Ministries and Nancy Alcorn. Clearly this is just Mercy Ministries with a different name. Perhaps Mercy thought that simply rebranding their product would be enough to silence it’s critics? The official website goes on to say:

“A Girl Called Hope is based on the work of Mercy Ministries which was founded by Nancy Alcorn in America in 1983. Having worked with troubled youth for eight years; Nancy gained insight into the reasons why social problems exist, particularly in young women.

The first home was opened in Monroe, Louisiana, this then extended to Nashville, St. Louis and Sacremento, California in the United States. Mercy Ministries has expanded internationally with homes in England, Canada and here in New Zealand.”

There is no mention at all of the Australian homes they’ve opened and then closed; no mention of the compensation payout; the lies they told the media; the thousands of women who’s lives were damaged; or the fact they only changed the name after the Australian home closed.

I’m sure any woman turning to A Girl Called Hope for help would like to know these important facts.