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Archive for January 30, 2011

“The Problems With Therapy” – Article about Mercy Ministries from The Times

The article below first appeared in The Times. It is currently the only major UK media coverage of the Mercy Ministries scandal. The article can be found here but you need a subscription to view the content so I have reproduced it here.

“Think of a happy place and ask yourself this: does it take more skill to heal the body or heal the mind? Few would entrust their physical health to anyone who was professionally unqualified, unaccountable and under no professional obligation to try to make you better. Which is why, if you seek help from a podiatrist, chiropodist, or several other health professions, you are protected by statutory regulation. If a physiotherapist gets too familiar, for example, you can complain to a government watchdog, which will decide whether to strike him or her off a national register. Those falsely claiming to be such professionals can be prosecuted or fined. (more…)