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“No Rust” – A post about the denial experienced by Mercy residents

This post is from Sarah’s Collage – A blog written by a former Mercy Ministries resident.

“No rust”

When I was a baby, my parents went on a really long drive in a sweltering heat wave to see this car. They had asked the lady over the phone if it had any rust. “No rust, no rust”.

So they get there and the lady comes out to meet them. They start looking at the car. My dad opens one of the doors and it falls off.

Lady looks at him and then runs inside. She locks the door.

Mum knocks a couple of times but she won’t come out.



Poems By A Former Mercy Ministries Resident

These poems appeared on Comfortably Numb, a blog of poems written by a former Mercy Ministries resident. The author of these poems spent time in the St. Louis Mercy Ministries home. The words speak for themselves.

St. Louis- #1

I don’t know if I can make it
If I have the strength to fight
I swore when I left home
“There’s no coming back”
But now that I’m here
That certainty, I lack
I’m worn out and broken
All I do is cry
It’s so hard just to be here
Let alone to try
I want to sleep in my own bed
And eat whatever I choose
To be free in the afternoon
If I want to take a snooze
I’m 25 years old
And being treated like a child
I like making my own choices
And sometimes acting wild
I can’t do this anymore
I’m drowning in my tears
I don’t know where I need to be

It’s much worse at night
But I know that it’s not here
It’s getting so hard


New Mercy Ministries Links Added

The links below have been added to the links section.

Sarah’s Collage – A blog run by a former Mercy Ministries resident.

No Mercy – This blog was created to help people figure out if Mercy Ministries are a distructive group, cult or distructive relationship.

Mercy Ministries Abuses – A blog about Mercy Ministries.

Against Biblical Counselling – A blog focusing on the dangers of all Bible based counselling programmes.

Comfortably Numb – Poem’s by a former Mercy Ministries resident.

Repost: “Mercy Ministries: Lives Damaged, Hope Destroyed” – Another Personal Account Of Mercy Ministries

I saw this story on gracetolight.blogspot.com and it is a well written account of Mercy Ministries. I have posted it all here but I would strongly advise anybody looking for information on Mercy Ministries to go visit this blog. It is maintained by a former Mercy resident.

“I have hidden previous posts due to information that could potentially identify me, but this one is important enough to re-post. (Admittedly, there is always a risk of being identified when sharing personal stories, but I’d rather not have my name out there for all to see anymore.)

Note: This is an essay I wrote for my composition class. I have cited sources where appropriate – if you see one I missed, comment and let me know.

I had just finished my first year of college. I had wanted so badly to succeed academically, but my recurrent depression had gotten in the way once again. With a GPA of less than 2.0, the college would not accept me back for another year. I was on my way home, back to an emotionally abusive environment that I knew would only make things worse. I wasn’t sure I’d survive the summer; I wasn’t sure I wanted to. (more…)