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“Mirrors” – A Post By A Former Mercy Ministries Resident

This post is from Sarah’s Collage – A blog written by a former Mercy Ministries resident


I was surprised by my emotional response upon seeing the second batch of my file. I had anticipated that it would be a little more impacting on me than the first lot, but even still i was surprised.

Reading the staff members’ written accounts of the various events, particularly the more traumatic ones, left me with a sense of haunting nostalgia of my grip on reality being hijacked. Even though i have come to terms with this experience on many levels with the support of God and safe people, i really felt like i did four years ago when i had just finished my 12 month stint in the Sydney home. That is, mentally stranded between two polar opposite realities and captive to lies.

I read all about how I was “gently approached about this” and “lovingly encouraged about that”. I found no record indicating that I was ever screamed into submission, that I ever burst into tears in the program office or that the word of God was ever bent into a weapon of control.

Just like old times, it left me wondering, are those words and images that remain distinct in my mind (and occassionally my nightmares) really just an imaginary product of my own mind? Was i really hearing voices and under deception that day I cottoned on to that cruel trick being played on me? Is it that the devil is attacking my mind by distorting my memories of what my scars still bear evidence to?

The two realities are so far apart from eachother that they can not possibly be reconciled as “both true”.

When God gave me the courage to open up about my experience for the very first time, one wise and safe person shared a picture with me they saw in their mind. They saw me in the middle of a room full of distorted mirrors. I remember that it resonated with me at the time.

I feel like God is bringing that image up again. When i dwell on experiences i have had with toxic people in my past, I become confused about who and what i am and I feel my self worth plummeting down to the minuses. The way those people have spoken to and treated me have reflected back to me an image that is not me. I am not a small powerless child, i am not unworthy of love, and i am NOT so out of touch with reality or desperate for attention that i am making all of this up in my mind.

So I feel like God is saying to me to look at Him and His reflection back to me of who I really am.


4 responses

  1. Maria

    Mercy Ministries Is a VERY WONDERFUL place!!! & Has Helped SO many young ladies including me…. It Is VERY sad that people try to make Mercy Ministries look like its a negative place but then again sadly any Christian place and people always get criticized SUCH A SAD TRUTH!!!! Sad that the world has come to such evil spirited people….. HOWEVER *IF GOD BEFORE US THEN WHO CAN BE AGAINST US*

    October 25, 2011 at 7:15 pm

    • Mercy may have helped you Maria and it may have helped others…but it has also caused a lot of people problems. You cannot bury your head in the sand and say that if someone says something bad they are “evil spirited”. This is very immoral.

      February 14, 2012 at 7:45 pm

  2. Russ

    God is not on the side of those who perpetrate bad therapy and destroy families. The truth will come out, and when it does it won’t be pretty for Mercy Ministries.

    February 15, 2012 at 6:19 am

  3. Naomi Ruth Clay

    No one is perfect. People are human, including the most mature Christian. It hurts a great deal when people we have trusted and looked up to have let us down. It hurts a LOT. But we choose to forgive, because we won’t allow the enemy to keep us pinned down! And that does not mean you have to allow those people in your life anymore. We forgive them because of God’s great love. And we trust GOD, not man – because man is fallible. We believe who God says we are. We are His daughters. We are great awesome women of God, His WARRIOR PRINCESSES! So hold those swords up high, sisters; for we stand for the TRUTH, JESUS CHRIST, the One Who NEVER lets us down. Satan is defeated! So praise be to God, and God alone!

    November 27, 2015 at 9:33 am

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