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A Letter From Dee – Courtesy Of Seantheblogonaut.com

This letter first appeared here on seantheblogonaut.com.

“Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Naomi, Rhiannon and Megan for speaking up about your experience at Mercy Ministries.

When I read the article on March 17th I identified completely with it and it triggered off my own traumatic memory of my short time at Mercy. Your strength and courage has allowed me to realise that I was not the only girl who wasn’t right for the program and has led me to question whether the program is right for any girl suffering these illnesses?

The amount of courage it must’ve taken to share your experience is phenomenal given the amount of mind-consuming fear pumped into us about demons and going to hell. Your courage has prompted me to speak up and express my concerns to someone of authority which will hopefully now spare two girls I know from entering the program. The sad part is, where do these two girls, and the hundreds of others, go?

I think what Naomi wrote on the X-Mercy blog sums up perfectly the intentions of us X-Mercy girls and where we are coming from and what we are hoping to achieve by speaking out. I think Naomi made an important point in saying that she does not believe Mercy intended harm – I also agree with this.

The way in which Naomi articulated her story and her intentions is amazing – free of bitterness and resentment, it was composed, reasonable and authentic and it is a credit to the time and thought she has obviously given this and all she has gone through to get to this point – she really says it all and covers all bases.

There is much more to be said but for now just a big thank you and that I hope you are all going ok in the aftermath of the truth coming out.”


More from Naomi courtesy of seantheblogonaut.com

Here are more words by Naomi Johnson about her Mercy Ministries experience. They originally appeared on seantheblogonaut.com

“The following is a response of sorts to the story aired on Today Tonight, see the youtube video at the end of the response

More musings from me…..

It really hurts to read and hear the outright, bold faced lies that Peter Irvine is willing to purport as truth. It’s shocking to see how venomously Mercy Ministries have struck out, while we may have “exposed” them and caused a “significant disruption”, the truth is we have not come out with claws or hate and slander.


Naomi’s Mercy Ministries Story from Seantheblogonaut.com

This story was originally a comment on a post titled “Hillsong In Trouble Over Mercy Ministries” which appeared on Matt Stone’s blog and can be found here. It was then published by Sean on seantheblogonaut.com.

“Hi I am that girl… I am Naomi Johnson, and I thank those who have been open to hearing this truth. I have this to say to the person who said “I laughed at the opening ……….” in regard to the SMH reporting. I can understand the urge to giggle at such thing, esp. when you don’t know the people. I’m not mad at your sentiments, indeed sometimes all one can do is laugh… but you know, this is my life, this is not about bashing Christians, it’s not about bashing hillsong, it’s not about Easter being right around the corner…. this is about my life, the lives of countless others, and the lives of more girls yet to enter in through those gates. (more…)

“Mirrors” – A Post By A Former Mercy Ministries Resident

This post is from Sarah’s Collage – A blog written by a former Mercy Ministries resident


I was surprised by my emotional response upon seeing the second batch of my file. I had anticipated that it would be a little more impacting on me than the first lot, but even still i was surprised.

Reading the staff members’ written accounts of the various events, particularly the more traumatic ones, left me with a sense of haunting nostalgia of my grip on reality being hijacked. Even though i have come to terms with this experience on many levels with the support of God and safe people, i really felt like i did four years ago when i had just finished my 12 month stint in the Sydney home. That is, mentally stranded between two polar opposite realities and captive to lies.


“Sarah’s Adventure In The Magical Land Of Rehab” – A Personal Account Of Seeking Proper Treatment After The Damage Of Mercy

This post is from Sarah’s Collage – A blog written by a former Mercy Ministries resident

“Sarah’s adventure in the magical land of rehab”

I am feeling stable, excited and a tad trepedatious after spending four weeks in what is apparently Australia’s leading treatment centre – a self-proclamation which appeared to be supported by those I met who had “been around” in the rehab sense.

Naturally, I had some fears about what this place would potentially have in common with the last facility I was in, being Mercy Ministries. Obviously, there would be limited contact with the outside world, and staff supervision when allowed off the hospital grounds. Even though I can understand why such rules would exist, I was fearful in anticipation of the nostalgia it could potentially create for me. I have seen the very same rules used to control and isolate vulnerable people.


“Poker Face” – What It’s Like Meeting Mercy Staff After Leaving

This post is from Sarah’s Collage – A blog written by a former Mercy Ministries resident.

“Poker face”

I find it hard bumping into former Mercy people sometimes, whether they be staff or client.

For a long time after i left, i felt the pressure that many other former clients felt…

“Yeah, i’m great! Oh, it was amazing. Praise God. Yep, i’m all better now. I’m just like one of those girls in the videos”.

It was hard to know that any other girl besides myself was struggling (or “making bad choices”), but a number of years on, even the girls i thought were really 100% on top continue to struggle with the issues that brought them to Mercy. (more…)

“Mercygate” – The feelings of an ex-Mercy resident upon receiving her client file from Mercy

This post is from Sarah’s Collage – A blog written by a former Mercy Ministries resident.


Since around the beginning of the year, myself and some other fellow survivors have been involved in a struggle to have our respective client files released to us. (more…)